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Equipped with up-to-date processing facilities and measuring equipments based on our accumulated technology, we, Dolbang Co.,Ltd. are trying to manufacture the best rotary grinder in the world.
Until now 99 percent of the people who were asked, "Will you use a 30-year-old secondhand rotary grinder made in a forein country or a brand-new one made in the South Korea?" said they preferred to use the secondhand grinder.
All of our staffs and employees staked our lives on this job.

Based on the economic law of the "Broken Windows Theory",

  • we think if any one of the many parts is defective, the whole rotary grinder is also defective and cannot be used, and
  • we will approach to the fundamental cause of any defective item.

Likewise, in order to make the best rotary grinder from the consumer's perspective, we will make our utmost efforts to improve the quality of domestic rotary grinders.

According to the characteristics and condition of grinded materials, our production lines include "precision metal processing", "general metal processing" and "nonmagnetic materials(nonferrous metals and glass articles) processing".

We also try to produce an advanced rotary grinder by developing automatic thickness measuring programme, vacuum system and drainage system in association with the relevant organizations.

We, Dolbang Co.,Ltd., promise to put more efforts in develoing technology and talent and take the lead in manufacturing rotary grinders in the country.

always with our customers all the staffs and employees of Dolbang Co.,Ltd.

In addition, our warranty service team is ready for 24 hours a day.
If you find any inconvenience or difficulty in using our product, just feel free to let us know and we will take care of it right away.
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